Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sec 1 Maths Performance Task Reflection

Statistics is about data collection and data presentation. There are many ways to present data, for example using bar graphs, pie chart, line graphs, pictograms and histograms. We can also present data with stem & leaf diagram, frequency tables and dot diagrams. Statistics is also about presenting and comparing numbers in a graph. When comparing numbers, we can see the trend of the graph and arrive at a conclusion. For example, if a graph on the amount of electricity of a family used in a month has an increasing trend, it can be concluded that the family is wasting energy.

Statistics can be seen very commonly in real life. For example, the "Singapore power" uses graphs to show the amount of water, electricity and gas they use so that the citizens can know if they are wasting too much of water, electricity or gas. Statistics also can be used in science as in science, the collection of readings and presenting the results of an experiment is done. There is also the plotting of graphs in science for presenting the data. Newspapers also has statistics in them. For example, the newspaper may use graphs to show the population of a country. We also can use statistics in real life. For example, we can make a graph or table on our expenditure. If we see an increasing trend in the graph or the figures in the table increasing over time, we can tell that our expenditure is increasing and we must cut down on our expenditure.

I feel that statistics can be true and false. Statistics may be false and go wrong for some data like the time tables of the buses as the buses may take longer if the weather condition is wet, the bus stopped at many traffic lights or the bus got caught in a traffic jam. However, statistics can be true sometimes for data like the amount of water, electricity and gas used from "Singpore power". I feel that this data are accurate as the "Singpore power" would be able to check the amount of water, electricity and gas used.

Describe briefly how your work has worked together on this project.

The data of my findings has been used as one of the findings in the poster.

What are some of the strengths of your group?

We can work well with each other.

What were your roles?

I did the contents of the poster and the data of the findings.

What are some challenges that you faced while doing this project?

The time constrain. I felt the time very little as only one week was given to do the project.

What are some of the things that you could do differently if you had to do a similar project in future?

I would discuss more with my group members to get their ideas on the project so that with their ideas, I hope to get a better grade. I would also do the work faster to solve the time constrain problem.